Vega #6 Vol 1 No 6

Joel Nydahl



Cover Bob Warner
Contents Editor Contents 1
Vega -- Editorial Editor Editorial 2
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 2
Who's Who in Fandom Marion Zimmer Bradley Article 3
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 3
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 4
Advertisement The readers Ad 4
"Starnger" Bob Warner Fiction 5
Artwork Joel Nydahl Art 5
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 6
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 8
"The Question" Dean Grennell Fiction 9
Advertisements The readers Ads 9
"The Denizen" Chuck Lear Fiction 10
Artwork Joel Nydahl Art 10
Artwork Joel Nydahl Art 11
Vega -- Editorial (Cont'd) Editor Editorial 12
Full Page Illustration Leonard Avallone Art 13
What Every Young Fan Should Know Marion Zimmer Bradley Column 14
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 15
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 16
      Bob Block
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 17
      Harlan Ellison, Charles Lee Riddle
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 18
      G. M. Carr
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 18
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 19
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 20
      Larry Balint
Advertisement The readers Ad 20
What Every Young Fan Should Know (Cont'd) Marion Zimmer Bradley Column 21
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 21
In Comming Issues Editor Previews 22
What You Said..... The Editor and The Readers Response 23
Advertisement The readers Ad 23
Back Cover George Viksnins
Back Cover

Page scans by Tom Veal & Joe Siclari

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