Vega #7 Vol 1 No 7

Joel Nydahl



Cover Margaret Dominic Art Cover
Contents yed Contents 1
Vega -- Editorial Joel Nydahl Editorial 2
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 3
Who's Who in Fandom Lynn A. Hickman Article 4
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 4
Birdbarh to Bulbofagg Harlan Ellison Column 5
Artwork Harlan Ellison Art 5
The Questionaire: It's Place in a Fanzine Norman G. Browne Article 7
Artwork Celia Block Art 7
Artwork Margaret Dominic Art 8
11th World Science Fiction Convention
Ad 9
Inertia Joel Nydahl Column 10
The Ill Wind Marian Cox Column 11
Artwork George Viksnins Art 12
Inertia Joel Nydahl (Cont'd) Column 13
Full Page Art #2 Margaret Dominick Art 14
Fanzine File #1 Bob Tucker Feature 15
      Science Fiction Newsletter
Artwork Maril Shresbury Art 16
Artwork John D. Ansoauch Art 17
In Comming Issues The Editor Previews 18
Radio and TV: Why Not? Jerry Hopkins Article 19
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 19
Artwork Margaret Dominic Art 20
What Every Young Fan Should Know Marion Zimmer Bradley Column 22
      #4 -- Question from the readers
Artwork Margaret Dominic Art 23
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 25
      Russell Watkins, Richard Billings
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 25
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 26
      G. M. Carr
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 26
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 27
      Ian Macauley, Vernon L. McCain
Artwork Juanita Wellons Art 27
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 27
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 28
      Dean Grennell
Artwork Margaret Dominic Art 28
Hieroglyphics The Readers Letters 29
      Orma McCormick
What Every Young Fan Should Know (Cont'd) Marion Zimmer Bradley Column 29
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 29
Imortal Storm Sam Moskowitz Ad 30
Artwork Jerry Hopkins Art 30
Back Cover Juanita Wellons Arts Back Cover

Page scans by Tom Veal & Joe Siclari

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