Yandro #122 Volume XI - No 3

Robert & Juanita Coulson

March 1963


Time Tours, Inc. Herb Beach Art Cover
contents and colophon Robert & Juanita Coulson
untitled George Barr illo 1
Ramblings Juanita W Coulson Editorial 2
toasting marshmallows Juanita Coulson illo 2
Rumblings Robert S Coulson Editorial 4
sated Juanita Coulson illo 4
The International Fantasy Awards E. J. Carnell
Rocket man Dan Adkins illo 6
rocket cartoon Arthur Thomson illo 7
Isn't That Cute Allen Mardis fiction 8

Evaluation of the Soviet Economic Reforms of November, 1962 J. E. Pournelle article 9

alien? Dick Schultz illo 10
In the Days of Old, In the Days of Gold R. L. Clancy poem 11
To A Snapdragod George Barr poem 11
untitled George Barr illo 11
Golden Minutes Robert S Coulson book reviews 12
Strange Fruit Robert S Coulson fanzine reviews 13
letter column 17
      our litter column
untitled Dave Prosser illo 17
out of the bottle Nott illo 18
alien? Robert E Gilbert illo 19
landscape? Robert E Gilbert illo 22
battle Randy Scott illo 23
John Russell Fearn: Addenda bibliography addition
Fast Book Review Robert S Coulson
      Vega Books Walk Through Tomorrow by Karl Zeigfreid

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