-fiction by - Allen Mardis, Jr.-

"Oh, yes, Thor. They're really quite harmless ... but I wouldn't go too near. They're playful, you know."

"You ask where they came from? Can't say, really. Just looked out one morning and there they were."

"Strange? Well, I suppose so, though I like to think of them as ... well, as cute. Strange has such an ominous tone to it. And they're quite harmless, you know."

"Tricks? Why, yes. They do seem to be quite adept at inventing little games, playful little fellows."

"See that little one? He's learned to roll stones. See! There he goes! Whoops! That was a big one!"

"Sap! I say there, Sap! Do be more careful."

"Rough? Well, they're young ... playful, you know."

"I say there, Sap, old boy ... you've crushed one of your playmates. Do be careful."

"Deliberate? Why, Thor, how could you say that? Sap was only playing."

"Oh look! By George, Sap's learned to throw stones! Isn't that cute?"

"I say there, Sap. Please do watch where you throw. You've hurt another of your playmates."

"Dangerous? Why, Thor, how could you say that?Sap's just playful, that's all."

"Look! Now he's throwing sticks. What's that? Why, yes, there does seem to be something on the end of it. Why, yes it is. A little stone. Isn't that cute?"

"I say there, Sap. Do watch where you throw. That came very close, you know."

"Sap! I say there, Sap! You really must be more careful ..."

"Ha! Ha! Why that didn't hurt at all."

"Now, Sap, do be good."

"A bow? Why ... why yes, so it is."

"Sap, I say, do be careful where you point that."

"Ha! Ha! He doesn't seem to understand. Of course not! He's only playing."

"Sap, do point that somewhere el ...."

Data Entry by Judy Bemis

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