NEWS NOTE: The Fort Wayne paper reports that the Amateur Rocketeers of America are in trouble again. Seems they owe the U. S. Army a year's back rent for their Camp Atterbury launching site (at $175 per month) and the army is threatening to evict them. The ARA director (whose grandiose plans seem to be always outstripping the funds at hand) is squawking to Congress, and naturally some legislator is on his side, trying to get the government to agree to a $1 a year lease. He'll probably make it, too. Shows what you can do if you have gall. (I haven't noticed any copies of the ARA magazine recently, tho - I wonder if he ever paid the Rochester printers. Gene?) RSC


CULTURE DEPARTMENT: According to ADVERTISING AGE, the White Rock Corp. has offered a painting of its trademark (the goddess Psyche) as a loan to the Louvre for display while the Mona Lisa is in the U. S. Such generosity is worthy of note, I believe. RSC

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