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The Columbia Publications pamphlet series reprinted two "Dennis Clive" stories; "Valley of Pretenders" (#2) and "The Voice Commands" (#5).


"The Golden Amazon's Triumph", Harlequin Books, Winnipeg, 1958.


" I. F. Clarke's THE TALE OF THE FUTURE gives the date for "The Genial Dinosaur" (Gridban) as 1953, not 1954; he also gives another title, "The Burning Void", by Vector Magroon, from Scion, 1953, and claims Magroon is a Fearn penname. It certainly sounds like one."


"The Stain That Grew", THRILLING MYSTERY, Dec. 1936

"Death Asks The Question", THRILLING MYSTERY, July 1937

"Invaders From Time", SCOOPS, May 12, 1934

"There are a most likely other stories in SCOOPS as in the first dozen issues the publishers didn't bother with by-lines, thinking readers wouldn't care. Harbottle ought to look up the editor, Dimmock, and ask. Also, I remember that in New Worlds #7 Carnell mentioned quite a few boys' magazines which published stf in the 20's and 30's."

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"Is Juanita aware of quite all the dangers of her head condition? If too much liquid accumulates in her cranial orifices while the sun and moon are in juxtaposition, she may well be subjected to sinus waves."

...... Tom Dilley


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