FAST BOOK REVIEW: A new paperback "publisher" has appeared in the U. S. Vega Books, 20243 North Auberry Rd., Clovis, California, has started a "western library", a "star library" and a "science fiction library". Despite the address and the "printed in the United States of America" notice, these books are British reprints; they look like they were printed in England for the U. S. market, but I suppose they could have been published on the west coast. The first two titles in the stf series are "Walk Through Tomorrow" by Karl Ziegfried, and "Space Fury", by R. L. Fanthorpe. I read the Zeigfried epic. The basic idea wasn't too bad, but the action and description was smothered in a horde of cliches, and the "science" was laughable. Like Franson says, I'm pretty tolerant of bad science; but there are limits. 50¢ a copy is outrageous; they might be worth 5¢ ..... or they might not.


Data entry by Judy Bemis

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