Dick Patten
Bob Vardeman



US: Albuquerque NM

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Issue Editor Month Year Pages Notes
Zymurgy a Dick Patten

8 "brought to you by the efforts of the Albuquerque Science Fiction Society", a note not repeated in later inssues
Zymurgy d Dick Patten February 1974 22
Zymurgy e Dick Patten April 1974 32
Zymurgy f Dick Patten July 1974 22
Zymur-Worm 20g Dick Patten / Bob Vardeman October 1974 24 marked on the cover as "Sandworm & Zymurgy"
Zymurworm 21h Dick Patten / Bob Vardeman January 1975 20
Zymurworm 21i Dick Patten / Bob Vardeman May 1975 22
Zymurgy j Dick Patten March 1976 18

Scanned by Joe Siclari

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