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The Fanac Names Cross Reference is intended for anybody who wishes to find out if a particular person is mentioned within these Web pages. As the Fanac database grows, so will these files. If you can't find the person you that are looking for today, try again next week.

To look for a individual's name, first click on the first letter of his/her name in the index below. This action will take you to a page of all individuals whose surnames start with the selected letter. You may then either use your browser's search facility to look for the desired name or you may simply page through the document manually. Please note that in order to limit the size of the files to something that will download in a reasonable time, a number of the letters have been divided into two or more pages each. These pages are identified by having the first and second letters of the first surname in the page displayed in the index.

The individual's names within each page are in alphabetical order. The Titles or Captions of the items (article, fanzine, art work, photo, etc.) are also in alphabetical order under each name. Two additional columns have been provided. The first shows the item's type. The second shows source of the item. That is; the Fanzine that contains the item when the item is from a Fanzine, the Convention in the case of Photo Albums, or whatever the source of the item happens to be. Hot links are available when an item is available on-line to allow you to jump directly there.

Because people can appear in more than one photo in a con's Photo Album it would be impractical to list all the references for an individual in any given con. For this reason, only the first reference to a person has been listed for each convention. Additional references to any individual may be located by using your browser's search facility or paging through the photo album indices manually.

When available, jumps have been provided that will take you directly to the article within the document that contains the first reference to the selected person.


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Boldface (Aa) indicates that there are new/revised entries in the last 30 days or so.

There are currently 28,825 names in these listings.

Add your E-Mail address to your Cross Reference Entry

If you would like to add your E-Mail address to your Cross Reference entry please fill in and submit this form.

Please note that your E-Mail address will be altered, the "@" will be changed to a "§", in order to make life a bit more difficult for robots that are searching for E-Mail addresses to steal.


If you need to change your E-Mail address in your Cross Reference entry you may also fill in and submit this form. Please enter your name again and your corrected E-Mail address.


Cross Reference Corrections

In these listings there are a number of names that actually identify the same person. This can be caused by a number of factors such as marriage, pen names, pseudonyms, nicknames, etc. Whenever these names have been called to our attention the references have been consolidated into the preferred form of that person's name with other forms of his/her name cross referenced to the preferred form.

A second problem occurs when a person's name is misspelled in the source material. The Fanac Cross Reference is dependent on the accuracy of that source material which is, unfortunately, at times sadly lacking. In these cases either the source material or the cross reference entry is corrected. Eventually we hope to correct all the source material that is directly under our control.

The following form is being provided to allow you to make adjustments to the way that your name is presented in these listings. The first line allows you to specify the preferred form of your name. The next two lines allow you to specify up to two alternate forms of your name that will be listed and cross referenced to the preferred form. The next part of the form allows you to enter other forms of your name that appear in these listings, except misspellings. The final part of the form is for misspelled versions of your name that you have found in these listings. Multiple names may be entered in the last two parts but they must be separated by commas. All the versions of your name that are included in the last four parts of the form will be changed in the cross reference listings to the preferred form of your name. The versions of your name that appear in the last part of the form will eventually be changed to the preferred form of your name in the source material.

To get an idea of how the form might look when it is properly filled in, please click on "Sample #1" or "Sample #2". "Reset" may be used to clear the form after viewing the samples.

Cross Reference Correction Form

Preferred form of your name
First name and initial(s) or middle name
Alternative form #1
First name and initial(s) or middle name
Alternative form #2
First name and initial(s) or middle name
Other forms
One or more alternative versions of your name separated by commas
Spelling errors
One or more misspellings of your name separated by commas
Your EMail Name & Address

Please be aware that the Fanac Cross Reference is updated on an irregular basis depending on the amount of material that has been added to the site. For this reason it may be as long as a month before the information that you submit via this form becomes available.

Many thanks to Judy Bemis for her invaluable help in editing this monster during its early development.

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