Society for the Preservation of the History of Science Fiction Fandom

January 2002: I've done some general site-updating, but I need information on recent and future FanHistoriCons and on the status of various projects. Please write to me if you have any information. The mailing list information is now accurate, and more information and photos will be added shortly. (Sorry this took me nearly three years to update - I've been kinda busy lately.... --Laurie Mann)

Program from FanHistoriCon 9, late June 1999
Don Sakers and Tom Atkinson's Reports from Conventions - scanned badges, con info, photos, and reports from 25 years of con-going.
History of the Scienceers, the First New York Science Fiction Club, by Allen Glasser
Another View of Time-Binding

The Society for the Preservation of the History of Science Fiction Fandom, AKA the Timebinders, was formed at FanHistoriCon I in May 1994 in Hagerstown, MD. The purpose of FanHistoriCon, called by Peggy Rae Pavlat, Bruce Pelz, and Joe Siclari, was to bring fans of different fannish generations together to discuss ways to preserve fannish/SF history.

Timebinder Goals

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Who's Who in Fandom
Some sources of Canadian fan history by Garth Spencer
Fanzines in the Special Collection at Temple University
A Virtual MagiCon Memory Book
Bruce Pelz Memorial Message Board
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Collected Essays

Here are essays written by SF writers and fans about science fictionand fandom. If you'd like to contribute one, just E-mail it tome.

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Richard Lupoff
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