Intersection 1995 WorldCon

Intersection, the 53rd World Science Fiction Convention, was held from August 24, 1995 until August 28, 1995 in Glasgow Scotland. Guests of Honor were Samuel R. Delany (Writer), Gerry Anderson (Media), Les Edwards (Art), and Vincent Clarke (Fan). The Toast Mrs. & Mr. were Diane Duane & Peter Morwood.

Vincent Docherty and Martin Easterbrook chaired the convention which had 4,264 attendees. The venue for the Worldcon was the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center and the Moat House, Crest & Central Hotels.

One of the strongest memories that many of us have about Intersection is that John Brunner died whilst attending; a very sad event not just for the many British (and other) fans who had fond memories of him as a fan and a friend as well as a writer, but also for the SF community in general. I remember that a number of the speakers at the awards ceremony paid tribute to John and to his writing.

-- Ken Brown

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