MagiCon 1992 WorldCon

Part 17 MagiCon Miniature Golf Course 1

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Sean Thomson and others prepare to test the beginning of The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course.
Obstacles for two holes in the golf course being built in the NESFA clubhouse.
Sue "Cookie Monster" Hammond and Lisa Hertel unloading a truckload of materials from Mark Hertel's truck
Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course coordinator Pat Vandenburg surveying her domain.
The NESFA clubhouse while the golf course was under construction.
MagiCon Miniature Golfcourse - this hole was developed by the UK bid to bring the Worldcon to Glasgow in 1995.
Another view of the Glasgow bid's part miniature gold course. This bid did have the finest water hazard on the course.
The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course. Hole #3: The Circle of LASFSitude.
The culmination of the struggle through The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course. This is the Tower of Trufandom with the Enchanted Duplicator atop it.
The tenth and final hole of The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course led to the Tower of Trufandom.

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