MagiCon 1992 WorldCon

Part 18 MagiCon Miniature Golf Course 2

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Hole #9 of The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course. Built by the Altanta in '95 Bid Committee, the hole featured scale models of their hotels -- very futuristic looking.
The Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course was built to honor MagiCon's Fan Guest of Honor Walter A. Willis, who is also an avid golfer.
Hole #1 was built and tested in the NESFA Clubhouse. It featured a live volcano as its obstacle.
Hole #2 features a model of the Alamo. Guess who sponsored this hole. It's a F.A.C.T.!
Hole #4 was sponsored by MCFI (Massachusetts Cnvention Fandom Inc.) who used it to promote their bid for the 1998 Worldcon.
An early stage of the Glasgow in '95 golf course hole. As they emptied more bottles in their bid parties, the hole got more obstacles.
A detail of the Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course hole sponsored by the Glasgow in 1995 bid committee.
After a strenuous back nine or ten holes of enchanted miniature golf, you were directed to the oasis of the fabulous fan lounge
The "official" inspection. That's the backs of MagiCon Chairman Joe Siclari and his wife Edie Stern as they check out the Enchanted Duplicator Golf Course.
Chairman Joe tries to make a putt before his beeper rings again.

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