Pacificon I 1946 WorldCon

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Pacificon I, the 1946 Worldcon, was held at the Park View Manor in Los Angeles, California. Pacificon had originially been scheduled for 1942 but had been delayed because of travel and other restrictions resulting from World War II. The Guests of Honor were A. E. van Vogt and his wife E. Mayne Hull. There were 130 members. The convention chairman was Walt Daugherty. The committee was made up of members of Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS). The LASFS is still running and is the oldest SF club.

There is an unusual note regarding the name of this convention. Normally, once a Worldcon is held in a city, it uses that name for subsequent Worldcons. Pacificon I was in Los Angels. The next Worldcon in the Los Angeles area was the Solacon in 1958 and then the first LAcon in 1972. Meanwhile, Pacificon II was held up the coast in Oakland. The San Francisco/Oakland area has not been at all consistent in its naming either, having different names for each of its four Worldcons. -- Joe Siclari

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Congregating outside of the meeting hall

Bob Tucker, Walt Daugherty, Mary Beth Wheeler, Jim-E Daugherty (Virginia Laney).

Al Ashley, Mary Beth Wheeler, Bob Tucker, E. Everett Evans

In the meeting room, Forrest J Ackerman is leaning over

Erle Korshak (auctioning off a book??)

Talking outside again

Pacificon Guest of Honor A. E. van Vogt

Costume party.

??, Arthur Louis Joquel in mystical costume

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