Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
Fixed Functions
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Internet Lounge

Come enjoy the worlds of cyberspace, or research that odd costume idea, or whatever, at the Net lounge.

Location: Empire Room, 2nd Floor, Fairmont Hotel

Time: Open 24 hours for the entire convention. Well, maybe closed for a few minutes for vaccuuming. But basically all the time.

Cool Stuff We Will Have

  • Wireless connections in the area.
  • Ethernet drops for laptops - come on in.
  • Express Lane access - 15 minute limit, but at least there should always be a computer or two handy.
  • A friendly mix of computer types.
  • Handicapped accessible space, and a blind users talking terminal. (with Jaws for Windows)
  • T1 speed!

Rules of the Lounge

  • No Food and No Drinks. The silicon lifeforms can't have any either. Sorry.
  • 15 minutes limit at Express Lane terminals.
  • When times are busy, people who have been at their station for an hour or longer may be asked to let others enjoy the connections.
  • Please leave the laptop-drop ethernet cords with the room. Thanks.
  • Try not to block the aisles.
  • Discussions should be kept at a level quiet enough that others with no interest in it can still use the lounge also.
  • If you need help logging in, ask an Internet Lounge staff member.

With Thanks To Our Sponsors

Of course the lounge would be a lot more difficult without help from our sponsors:
  • Pervasive Netwerks - bringing Linux to the business world
    providing Mandrake based systems
  • Starshine Technical Services - sysadmin support and training
    providing Debian based systems
  • U.S.S. Augusta Ada - she dreams of the future. A chapter of Starfleet International and the 24th century's free software group
    providing staff for the room
  • LinuxDojo - the Hayward area LUG
    providing staff for the lounge, and drivers to pick up gear

Enjoy the convention




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