R. D. Swisher

December 1943


FAPA 26 contained a whopping 61 zines. Scanning for FAPA 26 by Mark Olson.

To view a FAPA 26  issue that is available on-line, please click on its Title column.

Issues that have been added in the last 30 days or so will be listed in bold font.

Title Author Notes
A #2 Jack Speer
Adulux Beskan #2 Donald Wollheim
Banshee #2 Larry Shaw
Banshee #3 Larry Shaw
Beyond #1 Roscoe E. Wright
Bring Bob Tucker to Shangri-LA
Browsing #3 John Michael Rosenblum
British Fantasy Society Bulletin 10 D.R. Smith
Comic Circle Commentator Francis T. Laney parody of Cosmic Circle Commentator and marked as edited by "Dung Rakers"
CAPA Mailing #1 Don Rogers (Degler), Raym Washington Bundled with Cosmic Circle Commentator 3 & 4, Cosmic Bulletin 2, 3 issues of Fanews Analyzer
Caliban 2 Larry Shaw
Caliban 3 Larry Shaw
Caliban 4 Larry Shaw
Caustic Square Bullshooter James Kepner
Claude Degler and the FAPA Larry Shaw
The Cosmic Circle and Fandom Jack Speer
Cosmic Circle Commentator V1, #3 Don Rogers (Claude Degler)
Cosmic Circle Commentator V1, #4 Don Rogers (Claude Degler)
Ad for Coventry Arthur Louis Joquel II Ad
Cruise of the Foo Foo Special Jr Art Widner
The Damned Degler! Claude Degler
A Decimal Classification of Fantastic Fiction Samuel D. Russell
En Garde 8 Al Ashley and Abby Lu Ashley
The FA Lean 3 Mike Fern, James Kepner, Samuel D. Russell, Mel Brown, Francis T. Laney explanation of unusual submissions
Fan-Dango #3 Francis T. Laney first page not readable
Fan-Dango #3A Francis T. Laney
Fanfare #10 Art Widner
Fanews Analyzer #1
Cosmic Circle
Fanews Analyzer #1 (sic)
also marked as #1, Cosmic Circle
Fanews Analyzer #2
Cosmic Circle
Fanta Snide Forrest Ackerman
Fantasy Amateur V7, #2 R. D. Swisher
FAN-TODS 5 Norman F. Stanley
The FAPA Correspondent #2 Harry Warner Jr.
Fen #1 James Kepner
Inspiration V2, #4 Lynn Bridges
Le Zombie Ad Bob Tucker
Full Length Articles #3, In Memoriam - Spirit of FooFoo Jack Speer
Guteto, V3 #3 Morojo
Howard Phillips Lovecraft-A Tentative Bibliography Francis T. Laney and William H. Evans an "Acolyte" publication
Light 129 Leslie A. Crouch
Matters of Opinion Winter 43 Jack Speer
Meet FAPA Al Ashley
Milty's Mag Milton Rothman
The Peace Witness Arthur Louis Joquel II nonfan publication included in the mailing because people were talking about it
People Stories Mel Brown and Mike Fern
Phanny V2, #3 Donald B. Thompson
Phanny V2, #4 Donald B. Thompson
Phantagraph 45, V11, #1 Donald A. Wollheim, Elsie Wollheim
Ray #2 Donald A. Wollheim
Society of Juridica
Stef Nyaa-aa-a!! Larry Shaw
2 page parody of STEFNEWS
Sustaining Program Jack Speer
The Stef Nyaa-aa-a!! Larry Shaw
Tale of the 'Evans 5 E. Everett Evans
Toward Yesterday Jike (James Kepner)
Trivial Triangle Troubador A. L. Schwartz
The Unknown Madman Larry Shaw
Vote for Landon JFS Ad
Walt's Wramblings 8 Walt Liebscher

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