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1944 Fanzines and the Retro Hugos

This is a list of fanzines from the year 1944, primarily from the Pavlat-Evans Index with supplemental research from Joe Siclari's collection, other bibliographies, and reviews. It is probably not complete but does include most, if not all of the major zines.

The zines provided here can be used as reading material for nominations in the Retro-Hugo Award categories. Zines that qualify for Best Fanzine will be marked with red letters as (Eligible). The fanzine title is linked to the fanzine's FANAC.ORG index page if we have one, even if there are no 1944 issues available on FANAC.ORG. The individual issue links will take you to the individual issues, both on FANAC.ORG and on several other websites. If the link takes you to FAPA One-Shots, or to Cosmic Circle Publications, you'll find the title link on that page.

We're still adding 1944 publications, so check back to see them. If you know of other sites with relevant fanzines, please let us know.

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