Aug. 29 to
Sept. 2, 2002
San José
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What is Worldcon?

Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention, as licensed by the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS).

That's a bit of a mouthful. This is some multi-national company, is it? - No, WSFS is a society of science fiction fans that exists to run Worldcons and give out the Hugo Awards.

How do I join WSFS? - By becoming a member of the current year's Worldcon.

Do I have to attend the Worldcon? - No, you can become a member of WSFS by buying a supporting membership in ConJosé. Check out our membership rates.

What has this got to do with ConJosé? - WSFS does not run Worldcons itself; it appoints groups of fans from cities around the world to do the job for it. In 2002 the Worldcon will be run by SFSFC in San José and it will be called ConJosé.

So what will go on? - Panel discussions, signings, a costume competition, a dealers' room, an art show: loads of stuff. Check out the rest of the site and see.

And those Hugo things? - Yes indeed. The 2002 Hugo Awards will be given out at ConJosé.

What exactly are the Hugos? - They are annual awards for achievement in science fiction and fantasy: Best Novel, Best Dramatic Presentation, that sort of thing. For more information see the official WSFS Hugo Page, or this page from a fanzine site.

Who decides who gets an award? - Us. The fans. More precisely, the members of WSFS.

So if I join ConJosé I get to vote in the 2002 Hugos? - Dead right.

Anything else I get to do? - You get to particpate in the nominations for the 2003 Hugos, you can help decide where Worldcon will be held in 2005, and you are at ConJosé you can attend the Business Meeting, the governing body of WSFS.




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