Letters to the Webitor

Welcome to what I hope will be a letter column. The former fanzine editor in me was quite pleased to get a loc on this project within a day of putting it up on the WWW.

Letters are welcome - yes, we have gotten mail in the last two years on Timebinders, but much of it has been incorporated into the projects pages, or has been exchanged via the mailing list.

Editorial comments will appear in italics. Letters will be stored "last in, first out," so the most recent mail is always at the top of the file.

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From: Shelby Vick, shelvy@springfieldcable.com
Date: Dec 1998
Subject: Corflu Sunsplash

Fan History (specifically, Sixth Fandom) will be celebrated April 30-May 2, 1999 at Panama City Beach, Florida. Original Lee Hoffman Lil Peepul, puffins, and -- most important -- a commemorative issue of Hyphen, thanks to Joe Siclari digging into his files and supplying us with voluminous material to choose from. There will be an original cover in the Hyphen format, plus reproductions of the first cover and one other yet to be chosen. There will even be an original con report by James White -- the completion of one he had started in Hyphen Way Back When. Now, we need money. Cash. Big Bucks. Moolah. The con motel is demanding a deposit to hold the rooms for us. Membership is $45, supporting $15, and advance copies (yesterday would not be too soon) to Shelby Vick, 627 Barton Avenue, Springfield, FL 32404.

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From: Wolfgang Both, 11/30/98, both@senwib.verwalt-berlin.de
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 1998
Subject: East German Fandom

We just finished a short history about the East German Fandom between 1945 and 1989. But we still search for contacts of East German fans to world fandom. A special point is an a German fan from the thrirties, Mr. Herbert Häussler, who published in L.A fanzines of Ackerman and others: Imagination, Dez. 1937, Febr. 1938 till March 1939 in VOM. The early correspondence ended with the beginnig of the war. Can you help us with detaild information?

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From: Richard Newsome, 11/17/94, newsome@panix.com
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 1994 23:05:20
Subject: Up to Now by Jack Speer Available

If anyone would like a copy of Jack Speer's Up To Now, I've run off a little reprint edition, with Jack Speer's permission. Copies are $5 from me. If you live outside North America add $2 for postage ($5 if you want it sent air mail). If sending payment in US dollars is difficult send me e-mail and we'll work out a trade. My address is: Richard Newsome, 281 Flatbush Ave., #1-B, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Up To Now was the first fan history, covering events up to the eve of the 1939 Worldcon. It's a fannish classic and has been out of print since Dick Eney reprinted it in A Sense Of FAPA in 1962. It's about 20,000 words long. Topics included: