1970s One Shots


1970 - 1979


Country: Multinational

New issues will be listed in bold.

Issue PDF Country Editor Whole Vol Num Month Day Year Pages Notes
"1220" PDF UK Paul Skelton / Brian Robinson / Michael Meara / Patricia Meara / Cas Skelton

1972 10 scan by Joe Siclari
1977 Carl Barks Calendar PDF US Alan Hutchinson

1976 26 for SFPA 74, for APA5 62, for CAPA-alpha 146
Charles Fort - a Radical Corpuscle PDF US Sam Moskowitz

1976 22
Earthquake! PDF US Bill Wright

1977 2 for ANZAPA, for FAPA
Eli Among the Ice Floes PDF Canada Eli Cohen

July 28 1974 4 provided by Eli Cohen
Frost in August PDF Canada Eli Cohen

August 31 1975 2 provided by Eli Cohen
Harlan's Side PDF US Harlan Ellison / Guy Lillian III

January 23 1979 14
JoeD 1 PDF US Joe Siclari 1

1973 7 for SAPS, bound with a Yellow Banana #1 by Rich Small
Leaves and Leaflets PDF Argentina Mae Strelkov

1970 4 scan by Joe Siclari
Marc 1 PDF US Marc Ortlieb 1

1976 32 scan by Perry Middlemiss
The Mills of the Gods PDF Canada Eli Cohen

November 4 1975 2 provided by Eli Cohen
A Nice Place to Visit PDF Canada Eli Cohen 1

September 14 1975 1 for APA-Q 27, provided by Eli Cohen
Our Yesterdays PDF US Joanne Burger

1973 20 NFFF
Parole Dalla Pizzeria PDF US Jan Finder

February 21 1976 30 scan by Perry Middlemiss
Prelude to Space PDF AU Bill Wright

1977 8 for ANZAPA, for FAPA
Space Opera 1 PDF US Ed Pippin 1

1978 38 focused on Tom Corbett, zine provided by Jesse Mazer
The Tucker Transfer PDF US Gale Burnick

1978 28 for a fund to bring Tucker to the 1979 worldcon in Brighton
Yellow Banana PDF US Rich Small 1

July 5 1973 1 Zine is on LAST PAGE of PDF

Scan by Joe Siclari

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