Classic and Older Fanzines (before 1980)

Since "all knowledge is contained in fanzines", eventually we will have it all here. Well, maybe not quite. But we do intend to put online as many fanzines as we can. In this section we will focus on zines published before 1980.

We will provide a selection of the popular and important fanzines of fandom's past and also some other representative fanzines from their period.

Take a look through the zines on these pages. There is some great fanwriting and some other materials that may surprise you.


Convert your old zines to text and send them to us. Or you can get to read some great old fanzines by volunteering to type or scan some zines! All of this work is done by volunteers. This is a fun place for you to help. If you want to help, send email to me by clicking on my name below.

-- Joe Siclari
    Fan History Project Coordinator

When an item in the following table is a Fanzine, the link will usually point to another table that details the Fanzine's history. To view an issue, please click on its title in that table.

Entries marked with a [BB] in this table have one or more issues on-line.

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Fanzine Editor[s]/Author Date[s] Type Flag
[BB] 14 Leaflet, The Walter L. Dennis
William Dellenback
Spring 1937 Clubzine
[BB] Abstract #9 Peter J. Vorzimer Jan 1955 Fanzine
[BB] Acolyte, The Francis T. Laney
Samuel D. Russell
1944-1945 Fanzine
[BB] AKOS Eli Cohen
Janet Megson
1969-1970 Fanzine
[BB] Algol Andrew Porter 1963-1984 Fanzine
[BB] Alta-Ego Randy Thomas 1971-1972 Fanzine
[BB] Amor Susan Wood (Susan Glicksohn) 1973-1979 Susanzine
[BB] Ansible Dave Langford 1979-??? Newszine
[BB] Aspidistra Susan Wood (Susan Glicksohn) 1971-1973 Fanzine
[BB] Atom Abroad Arthur Thomson 1964 Trip report
[BB] Austra Fantasy Warwick Hockley
Keith Taylor
1940-???? Fanzine

Australian Science Fiction Review John Bangsund 1966-1969 Fanzine
[BB] Australian SF News Mervyn R. Binns 1978-1992 Newsletter
[BB] Axe Larry Shaw
Noreen Shaw
1961-1963 Newszine
[BB] Barsoomian Times Herman Von Tokken, Jeremy A. Barry 1963-???? Fanzine
[BB] Bay Area News Jack Riggs 1946-???? Newszine

BEM Mal Ashworth
Tom White
1954-1958 Fanzine
[BB] Best of Susan Wood Jerry Kaufman Oct 31 1982 Collection
[BB] Bloomington Newsletter Bob Tucker 1945-1953 Newszine
[BB] BNF of IZ Terry Carr
Ron Ellik
Ted E. White Publisher
1959 Fannish Book
[BB] Bulletin of the Cleveland S. F. Society
Science Fantasy Bulletin
Harlan Ellison 1952-1957 Fanzine
[BB] Chanticleer #3 Walt Liebscher Dec 1945 Genzine
[BB] Chronicle Andrew Porter 1973-2005 Newszine

Comic Art Don, Curtis, & Maggie Thompson 1961-1968 Fanzine
[BB] Confusion
Shelby Vick 1951-1954 2005-Present Fanzine
[BB] Convention Andrew Porter 1969-1970 Newszine
[BB] Cosmag Ian T. Macauley Volume 3 Number 2 Sept 1952 Fanzine
[BB] Crifanac Tom Reamy 1957-???? Fanzine
[BB] Cry of the Nameless F. M. Busby, et al Fanzine Fanzine
[BB] Degler! Andrew Porter 1964-2004 Fanzine
[BB] Destiny Earl Kemp
Malcom Willits
1953 Fanzine

Diagonal Relationship Arthur D. Hlavaty 1977-1982 Fanzine

Eclipse Bridges Kuhn
Richard Kuhn
et al
1941-1942 Fanzine
[BB] Emu Tracks Over America Leigh Edmonds 1974 Trip report
[BB] Enchanted Duplicator, The Walter A Willis
Bob Shaw
Feb 1954 Amateur writing
[BB] Entropy #1 Terry Carr Nov 1964 Anthology
[BB] Fake Fan in London, A Robert A. Madle 1957 Trip report
[BB] Fan-Fare Vol 3 No 3 W. Paul Ganley May 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Fan-Vet, The Ray Van Houten 1952-1953 Fanzine
[BB] Fan To See Vol 1 No 2 Larry J. Touzinsky Feb 1953 Fanzine
[BB] FANAC Ron Ellik
Terry Carr et al
1958-1963 Newszine
[BB] Fandango Francis T. Laney 1946-1951 Fanzine
[BB] Fanew Sletter Leigh Edmonds 1974-??? Newszine
[BB] FANEWS[CARD] Bob Tucker
Ed Conner
Frank Robinson
Walt Dunkelberger
Earl Kay
Will Sykora
1943-1952? Newszine
[BB] Fanscient Donald B. Day 1947-1951 Fanzine
[BB] Fanspeak Arthur H. Rapp 1950-1952 Fanzine
[BB] Fantascience Digest Robert A. Madle 1938-???? Fanzine
[BB] Fantastic Worlds Sam Sackett
Stewart Kemble
1953 Fanzine
[BB] Fantasy Comics James V. Taurasi ???? ???? Fanzine
[BB] Fantasy Commentator (first series) A. Langley Searles 1943-1952 Fanzine
[BB] Fantasy Fiction Field Julius Unger 1940-1945 Newszine
[BB] Fantasy Magazine Julius Schwartz, et al Fanzine Fanzine
[BB] Fantasy News - New Series Ken Beale 1963-1963 Newszine
[BB] Fantasy Newsletter Paul C. Allen 1978 Jan Newszine
[BB] Fantasy News Taurasi, Sykora, et al 1938-1949 Newszine
[BB] Fantasy Review (UK) Walter Gillings 1947-1949 Fanzine
[BB] Fantasy Times James V. Taurasi et al 1941-1969? Newszine
[BB] Fantasy World, The David A. Kyle 1936-??? Fanzine
[BB] Fen Crittur Comical Books Walt Willis
Bob Shaw
1952 Fanzine
[BB] FFF FANEWSCARD Will Sykora 1945 Newszine
[BB] Fiawol Joyce & Arnie Katz 1972-1974 Newszine
[BB] File 770 Mike Glyer 1978-???? Newszine
[BB] Flight of the Kangaroo, The Christine Ashby 1976 Trip report
[BB] Focal Point rich brown
Mike McInerney
1965-1966 Newszine
[BB] Futuria Fantasia Ray Bradbury 1939-1940 Fanzine
[BB] Futurian Observer Bert Castellari
Ronald Levy
1939?-???? Newszine
[BB] Futurian, The J. M. Rosenblum 1938-???? Fanzine
[BB] G.A.P.A Vanguard, The Donald A. Wollheim 1945 Fanzine

Gardyloo Lee Hoffman 1959-1960 Fanzine
[BB] Great Nor'Western News Randy Thomas 1971 Fanzine
[BB] Helios Alex Osheroff & Sam Moskowitz Volume 1 Number 1 June 1937 Fanzine
[BB] Hyphen Walt Willis
Chuck Harris
et al
1952-1965 1987 Fanzine
[BB] Journal of Science Fiction, The Lester Fried
Edward Wood
Charles Freudenthal
1951-1953 Fanzine
[BB] Karass Linda Bushyager 1974-1978 Newszine
[BB] Kratophany Eli Cohen 1971-1981 Fanzine
1934-Present Fanzine
[BB] Le Vombiteur Robert A. W. "Doc" Lowndes 1938-1940 Fanzine
[BB] Le Zombie Bob Tucker 1938-1958 Fanzine
[BB] Legal Rules, The Jerry William Lapidus
[BB] Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under Lesleigh Luttrell 1972 Trip report
[BB] Lindsay Report, The Ethel Lindsay 1962 Trip report
[BB] Luna Monthly Ann Dietz 1969-1977 Newszine
[BB] Mallophagan 0.5 Bill Danner Aug 1956 Fanzine
[BB] Masque #7, Vol. 2, #2 William Rotsler 1950 Fanzine
[BB] Melbourne Bulletin Warwick Hockley
Keith Taylor
1940-1941 Fanzine
[BB] Mid-West Fan News Richard I. Meyer
Mark Reinsberg
1940-1940 Newszine
[BB] National Fantasy Fan, The The National Fantasy Fan Federation 1941-Present Clubzine [Updated]
[BB] Nebula Larry Shaw 1943-???? Newszine
[BB] NEOSFS Newsletter, Issue 3, The
Nov 1968 Newsletter
[BB] New Frontiers 1 Norm Metcalf Dec 1959 Fanzine
[BB] Newfangles Don Thompson
Maggie Thompson
1968-???? Newszine
Norman E. Masters
John Merkel
1964-1974 Fanzine
[BB] NOLAzine Unknown
[BB] Norstrilian News John Foyster
Leigh Edmonds
Robin Johnson
1970-??? Newszine
[BB] NOSFAn #30 Unknown July 1975 Fanzine
[BB] Novae Terrae Maurice K. Hanson
Dennis A. Jacques
Volume 1 Number 1 Mar 1936 Fanzine
[BB] ODD Raymond D. Fisher
Joyce M. Fisher
Richard Elsberry
1949?-1962 1966-1968? Fanzine
[BB] Operation Fantast (New Series) Ken Slater 1950 Fanzine
[BB] Organlegger Mike Glyer 1972-1973 Newszine
[BB] Peace on Sol III Walt & Madeleine Willis 1950-1966 Fanzine
[BB] Peon Riddle, Charles Lee 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Phan Bill Watson 1944 Newszine
[BB] Planeteer #5 James Blish
William Miller Jr.
Mar 1936 Fanzine
[BB] Planet, The Allen Glasser 1930-???? Fanzine
[BB] Polaris Paul Freehafer 1939-1941 Fanzine
[BB] Quandry Lee Hoffman 1950-1953 Fanzine
[BB] QX the CARDZINE Joe Kennedy - Ken Krueger 1944-1946 Newszine [Updated]
[BB] Rally Al Andrews & Lon Atkins, et al 1966-1967 Newszine
[BB] Ratatosk Bruce Pelz 1964-1967 Newszine
[BB] Reader and Collector, Vol. III, No. 2, The H. C. Koenig June 1943 Fanzine
[BB] Rhodomagnetic Digest Don Fabun, et al
[BB] Rune The Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-stf) 1968-Present Clubzine
[BB] Sanders David Nee 1971-1972???? Newszine
[BB] Sci-Fic Variety #7 Bob Tucker Winter 1942 Newsletter
[BB] Science-Fiction Five-Yearly Lee Hoffman, et al 1951-2006 Fanzine
[BB] Science Fantasy News Vincent Clarke 1948-1960 Newsletter
[BB] Science Fantasy Review L.V. Heald et al 1939-1940 Newsletter
[BB] Science Fiction Advertiser Roy A. Squires 1952-1954 Fanzine
[BB] Science Fiction Chronicle Andrew Porter 1979-2000 Newszine
[BB] Science Fiction Digest V1 #7 Muarice Z. Ingher Mar 1933 Fanzine
[BB] Science Fiction Digest Henry W. Burwell Jr. Sept 1952 Fanzine
[BB] Science Fiction Fan, The Olon F. Wiggins July 1936 Feb 1941 Fanzine
[BB] Science Fiction News Letter Richard Wilson Dec 1937 May 1939 Newszine
[BB] Science Fiction Newscope Lawrence Ray Campbell 1950-1952??? Newszine
[BB] Science Fiction Newsletter Bob Tucker 1945-1953 Newsletter
[BB] Science Fiction News (Australia) Graham Stone 1953-1992 Newsletter
[BB] Science Fiction Times James V. Taurasi et al 1957-1969? Newszine
[BB] Science Fiction Yearbook James Taurasi
Frank Prieto
1961-? Fanzine
[BB] Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Franklin M. Dietz, Jr. 1948-? Fanzine
[BB] Scienti-Comics Philip Bronson 1940 Fanzine
[BB] Scientifantasy Bill Kroll
John Grossman
1948-1949 Prozine
[BB] Scream David Sutton 1969-??? Newszine
[BB] Sense of FAPA, A Richard Eney 1962 Anthology
[BB] SF Times Germany Burkhard Blum 1960-??? Newszine
[BB] SF Weekly Andrew Porter 1965-1968 Newszine
[BB] SFinctor Craig Miller, Elliot Weinstein, et al 1974-1976 Newszine
[BB] SF John L. Magnus, Jr. 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Shangri-LA Various Editors 1940-1987 Fanzine
[BB] Sky Hook Redd Boggs 1948-1957 Fanzine
[BB] Skyhack Cecil Bennett et al 1959-1968 Newszine
[BB] Skyrack Ron Bennett 1959-1968 Newszine
[BB] Slant Walter A. Willis 1948-1953 Fanzine
[BB] Space Diversions #6 (Vol 2 #3) Norman L. Shorrock Apr May 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Space Flight...When? Gerry de la Ree 1946 Fanzine
[BB] Space Magazine V2 #1 David M. Ingraham May June 1952 Fanzine
[BB] Spaceship Robert Silverberg 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Spacewarp Art Rapp 1950 Fanzine
[BB] Spaceways Harry Warner 1938-1942 Fanzine
[BB] Spang Blah jan finder 1977-??? Newszine
[BB] Speculation Pete Weston 1963-1976 Fanzine
[BB] Squirrel's Tale, The Ron Ellik 1962 Trip report
[BB] Starlight #1 Vol 1 No 1 Laddie London
Don Howard
Oct 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Starspinkle Ron Ellik 1962-1964 Newszine
[BB] STEFCARD Walter Coslet 1950 Newszine
[BB] Sun Spots V3 N2 Gerry de la Ree Sept 1940 Fanzine
[BB] Swefanac Carl Brandon
John-Henri Holmberg
1964-???? Newszine
[BB] Sydney Futurian, The Vol Molesworth 1947-1948 Newszine
[BB] Sylmarillion Mike Glyer 1974-1974 Newszine
[BB] TAFF Baedeker Don Ford 1960 Trip report
[BB] TAFF Progress Report Terry Carr
Thomas Schlück
Nov 1966 Fanzine
[BB] Tightbeam The National Fantasy Fan Federation
Various Editors
1961-Present Clubzine
[BB] Tomorrow #2 Douglas W. F. Mayer Summer 1937 Fanzine
[BB] Toto Walter A. Willis, et al 1953-1956 Fanzine
[BB] Tucker Bag
1974 Newszine
[BB] Tympany Robert Stein, Redd Boggs 1947-1948 Newszine

Vampire Joe Kennedy 1945-1947 Fanzine
[BB] Vanations #4 Norman G. Browne Feb 1953 Fanzine
[BB] Vega Joel Nydahl 1951-1953 Fanzine
[BB] Vertigo #25 Edwin L. Murray Mar 15 1975 Fanzine
[BB] Voice of the Imagi-Nation Forrest J Ackerman and Morojo 1939-1947 Fanzine
[BB] VOID Greg Benford
Jim Benford
Ted White
1955-1962 Fanzine
[BB] WARNING!, A David Kyle July 1939 Pamphlet
[BB] Wastebasket Vernon L. McCain
[BB] Wild Hair 3 Charles Burbee
Cy Condra
Roger Graham
F. Towmer Laney
Sydney Stibbard
Art Vidner
Dec 1952 Fanzine
[BB] Willis Papers Illustrated by ATom (Arthur Thompson)
Edited by George W. Field
Published by Ted Johnstone
Aug 1961 Collection
[BB] Winnie Michael Ward 1969-1971 Newszine
[RB] WSFA Journal Keith Lynch (Current) 1974-Present Fanzine
[BB] X #1 - The Futurian Review Roger Conway 1941 Fanzine
[BB] Yandro #122 Volume XI - No 3 Robert & Juanita Coulson Mar 1963 Fanzine
[BB] Zenith Speculation Pete Weston 1963-1976 Fanzine
[BB] Zenith Harry E. Turner 1941-??? Fanzine

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